STARLING-HUUS, Quiescence: A spontaneous studio improv from two Momentous artists. No overdubs, no punch-ins, no post-production trickery. Just a bass, a piano, a loop... and the energy they were feeding off of in that moment. 

MIKE STARLING, Backwaters: Rootsy guitar-based instrumental music inspired by living along the Upper Mississippi and other waterways of the Driftless Region.

JIM PIELA, Non-Fiction: The saxophonist's suite of contemporary jazz compositions inspired by the storytelling aspects of Slaughterhouse Five, the classic Kurt Vonnegut novel.

BEAN HOY, It's a Big Dumb World: A 25th Anniversary Collection: Wry, topical tunes about subjects like road construction, crappy jobs and the joys of beater cars and Wisconsin winters. 

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