More than meets the ear

Kit Mayer has been making music since coming to the La Crosse area in the late ’70s. Working in groups, duets and as a solo artist, he helped found the bands Blind Baby Olin & the Workbenches, Jawbone and most recently The Mayer Brothers Band – all of which emphasized originality in both style and songwriting. He has also built a career in the region as a theater artist designing scenery and lighting.

Originally released in 1997, his first solo recording Sporting Life has just been remastered for re-release on Momentous Records. He is backed by a strong group of Midwest musicians under the moniker of The Careful Flies, including Jeff Sherin on lead guitar, Hans Mayer on bass and mandolin, Terry Nirva on drums, and Cody Appel on keyboards, among others. His style of writing and production is firmly rooted in the world of Americana music.

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