A Driftless Region Songwriter Summit
Little Black Dress is the name of a songwriting project by Clay Riness, Brett Huus and Terry Nirva. Though the album title teases that it's "Volume 1," this 2009 release is truly a one-off studio moment-in-time captured by Momentous Records. Riness has been a favorite on the Drfitless Region folk and acoustic music scene for decades, a stellar songwriter, performer and player of all things strings. Nirva is best known for his drumming and percussion work with the Mayer Brothers Band, Bill Miller, Howard "Guitar" Luedtke and other top artists, and this album marked his first foray as a songwriter and lead vocalist. Huus has been behind the board on hundreds of sessions, including a number of Momentous releases like his own Many Disguises of Zero album. Recording after hours at Huus' Sound Strations studio in La Crosse, the three friends pooled their talents and influences to create an eclectic blend of rock, folk and blues – a place where mandolins, banjolins, Stratocasters and lapsteels coexist amiably and combine to make you laugh, cry and think.

"The Earth Will Open" is one of the more adventurous tracks on Little Black Dress, Vol. 1 and features Brett Huus on lead vocals.


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